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31 Free Pole Dance Instruction Videos & Tips – Thanx YouTube!

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As so many have pondered taking up that ad that they saw in the back of the community newspaper that reads: “Pole Dance Classes Now Available”. Where some aspiring entrepeneur has taken on a new career teaching the art of the pole dance for an intermediate price of FREE (for your first class of course)–then to the $25 sessions or the bundle packages to get your abs and behind, back on track (thanx Oprah).

Where on any givin’ day in any givin’ pole dance studio you’ll see 40 somethings trying to develop that tremendous amount of upper body strength needed to hang weightlessly against the pole. But what if your a little intimidated? What if you don’t want to “expose” yourself making an attempt of what everyone, including Martha Stewart, is calling the next big thing in exercise. Don’t worry, everyone feels the same way when they first start.

But you can do a little research on pole dancing before taking the plunge to a pole dancing studio–

Before investing $400+ into the hottest new pole for the pros–or dumping your hard earned cash (or husbands) into the next piece of garbage that ANY Ex-Playboy Model may be promoting–maybe you should consider checking out the free-est place to catch up on your pole dancing chops. YouTube!

YouTube has tons of videos related to pole dancing. Even pole dancing mishaps. Some are good, some, not so good. But a few pole dancing youtube vids have really good info that your instructor may have forgot about.

Here’s a quick list of 31 pole dance videos that hang out on YouTube. They are in no particular order.

If you see something that doesn’t make sense–or you as the pro consider it mis-info, comment below. And the same goes for if you see something you like: comment below for god’s sake–your reading the blog, you should know to comment by now–ENJOY!!!!!

31 Free Pole Dance Instruction, Tips & Tricks Videos from YouTube


Pole Dancing Exercises : Exercise Tips for Pole Dancing

How to Pole Dance for Fitness : Posture Tips for Pole Dancing Exercises

Basic Pole Dancing Exercises : How to Pole Dance with Heels

Pole Dancing Tips on Split arm Tip Over V x 3

Basic Pole Dancing Exercises : How to Slide on a Pole

Basic Pole Dancing Exercises : The Mermaid Pole Dancing Exercise

Basic Pole Dancing Exercises : Arched Back Lean Back & Slide Pole Dancing Exercise

Basic Pole Dancing Exercises : Hip Pop Open Leg Pole Dancing Exercise

Basic Pole Dancing Exercises : Multiple Step Twists Pole Dancing Exercises

Basic Pole Dancing Exercises : The Salsa Twist Pole Dancing Exercise

exotic dancing tips

Basic Pole Dancing Exercises : Hip Dip Open Leg Pole Dancing Exercise

Basic Pole Dancing Exercises : One Handed Lean Back & Slide Pole Dancing Exercise

The Icon Splits – Learn Pole Dancing (Intermediate)

The Eye Opener – Learn Pole Dancing (Intermediate)

Pole Dancing Exercises : Pole Dancing Exercises for Abdominal Muscles

Basic Pole Dancing Exercises : Basic Lean Back & Slide Pole Dancing Exercise

Pole dance tricks, spins and combos, with more advanced pole dancing moves Milton Keynes

Pole dancing tricks doubles and triples

Pole dance tricks, inverts and spins from Pipsical & Hollie in Milton Keynes

Pole Dancing January Pole Jam – New Tricks and Combos!

Pole dance tricks & inverts practice no spins from Pips Polenastics

Pole Dancing..Some New Advanced Tricks n Combos + NEW Invention! Havin Fun (Read Side Info)

Pole Dance Routine Tricks By Jac Age 50

Male Pole Dance at Pole Divas — Training clip # 2

Acrobatic Fawnia Shows How To Work a Pole At Pole Fitness Studio!

Pole Dance Lesson

pole dancing lessons a view of what to expect at Polenastics classes Milton Keynes & Hitchin

How to Do Pole Dancing Inverted Moves : Handstand Pole Dancing Dual Leg Sliding Dismount

Pole dance class choreography

Pole dancing performance in Redwood City, California at Co.Vertical Studio

Now get out there and Pole Dance dammit!

Don’t worry, part two of pole dance videos on youtube will be coming soon…

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