Tyga, YG, Blueface ~ BOP MV

The highly anticipated video for the trio, produced by DJ Mustard was released Fri after teasing its debut a day before via instagram and other social channels. And thanks to YouTube, a few channels prior had been spreading the audio version of the song picked up from live shows as well as a couple of teasers from the artists themselves over the past few months.

All Star Stages joined the Cali natives with a portable stripper pole for a scene in the music video where Blueface spits verse while speak-easy era scantily clad ladies pop it at the club called “The Bop”. Super rich style w/ burlesque charm, a mansion motif and a story to go with it. Both on and off camera.

Tyga, who headed the project and who’s worked with YG and Blueface in the recent past, sported a dappered out look complete w/ straightened hair. In his wedding scene, he plays both the groom and the pastor and inevitably bails out on his own wedding.

YG busts out lyrics on “bop” [trashy] style women while enjoying a bubble-bath in an overly ostentatious bathroom, with everything in arms reach minus stacks of cash and in the company of presumably, what is other ‘bops’.

Unknown to the public, originally the portable stripper pole was setup in the living room of an exquisite estate in Beverly Hills. The Blueface scene to be shot at that location unfortunately never played. Four days later, techs are on a sound stage setting the pole for the scene you see in the video.

Tyga YG Blueface Bop Stripper Pole on set with camera 2
Bop set for YG Tyga Blueface with All Star Stages stripper pole

Pick-up shots were done on the stage as seen in 85% of the video. 11am on March 8, the stripper pole was set, the lighting dialed in and the shots with the dancers during Blueface’s verse locked in.

Performer after Bop tyga YG Blueface mv take on All Star Stages stripper pole 2
All Star Stages Portable Stripper Pole on Set of YG Tyga Blueface Bop

Blueface scene was wrapped by 2pm and all this fun stuff was then sent to post. The music video was released Friday August 2, 2019.

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