Did We Have to Convince Parents Pole Dance is Good Exercise?

The thought of convincing your parents pole dancing is good may be an uphill battle–especially if you live in the United States.

What to Do B4 and After Pole Dancing Class?

Pole dancing= Great. But what should you do to prepare before and after your pole dancing exercise?

Epic Pole Dance Fail Video on Huffington Post

If you saw the 32 Pole Dancing Fails video that has went viral and circulated major sites such as the Huffington Post, then you may have seen that the All Star Stages Pink Delight Portable Dance Pole was one of the apparatus’ that made it on to the film. Now to be fair, there was […]

Pole Dancing Robots at ceBIT in Germany

) Attack of the robots! But these aren’t available for stripper pole rentals in Los Angeles or renting a stripper pole in NYC or Miami. Although that would be awesome and we would love to entertain that idea at the next production party or live event. Fortunately the metal hip swirlin’ mother boards and computer […]

Bachelor Parties are Renting Stripper Poles in Breaking Numbers!

Renting a portable stripper pole for your bachelor party just got easier! Especially when Delivery, Setup & Return Pickup of your rented dance pole are included. Why do all bachelor parties seem the same? A bunch of college buddies get together every few months to bid farewell to yet another fallen soldier. They meet at […]