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Back in 2013 we originally posted the article below.  Today we bring you some additional articles, 6 years later if you don’t mind– just to add to your pole dance bookmark file ~

Relaxation methods, cooling down post workout, letting the bruising breathe.  It’s all part of the aftermath of good pole behavior.

Many work on their stretching, many pole dancers work on their warmups. But what to do during the “cooling down” period after a pole dancing workout or routine?

As with any sport and activity/exercise, there is a way to play and a way not to. Such as it is w/ running: You don’t stop from running 10 miles and go lay on the couch–no no. You have to cool down. And ever so is that true with pole dancing exercise.

Our friends over at Candy and Chrome have put together a great post on the cooling down method after pole dancing as well as some important facts you may need to know to protect yourself from any injury.

Check Out the Full Story Here as it was written in 2013

Here we can find 8 Ways to Relax After a Pole Fitness Workout

Along with 7 ways to Relax After a Pole fitness Workout by Pole Fit Freedom

And finally a Post Workout Cool Down playlist for pole dancers to help you heal.

Happy Polin ~

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