Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer after hours pickups?

Yes. Many times a club venue needs it setup at 8pm and torn down at 3am. We will do “middle of the night” pickups but there is an additional after-hours pickup/delivery charge of $25. After-hours charges are from 9pm to 9am. (Picking up @ 3am and then having to be on set @ 6am is a little rough–An xtra $25 will ease the pain though)

Are rentals available to pickup?

No. Due to the nature of the All Star Stages™ Portable Stripper Pole we can only offer delivery and setup of the pole by our delivery drivers. Otherwise we would have to demand $1,000+ security deposit.

Can a professional dancer use this portable stage & pole?

Yes. These are commercial grade professional portable pole dance apparatus meant for aggressive pole dance behavior. If your an acrobat looking to spin around the pole like a helicopter or your next audition is Cirque de Suleil in Vegas, this portable unit is what your looking for.

Can you ship a rental to other states?

Yes. If you are in a location that we do not offer rentals in, you can request it to be shipped to you. Note: All shipping charges and return shipping charges + any accrued rental charges will be your responsibility + a healthy security deposit =)

Ceiling height necessary?

YES!!!! We need to know your ceiling height because the poles sizes are exact. If you tell us your ceiling is 10′ high and we show up with a 9’4″ pole, you have a problem. 9’4″ is 9’4″, just as 7’11” is 7’11”. There are no extensions. BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR EXACT CEILING HEIGHT ON HAND. Nothing is worse than a driver showing up with a pole that doesn’t fit–even though the pole doesn’t connect to the ceiling.

Dimensions of the All Star Stages™ base? The pole?

The Stage Unit is 5×5 ft. octagon shape. You need a 7×7′ clearance on the ground to use. The poles range from 7’7″ to 12’4″ in overall height from the ground to the top of the pole. Specify what pole size your interested in when inquiring. ALL DANCE POLES ARE 50mm. NO 45mm Pole are available.

Do I need a truck or will my All Star Stages™ apparatus fit in my car?

These are portable units. But they are barely portable. A truck or SUV would be optimal. Although We’ve seen it transported with a Honda Civic before. Note: It doesn’t fit IN a Honda, it fits ON a Honda.

Do you sell the All Star Stages™ base without the pole?

Yes. If you would like just the base for a go-go dancer type of stand, we will build it for you and just deduct the price of the pole.

Do you sell the pole by itself without the stage?

The All Star Stages™ Pro Poles are 1 piece and made to fit into the All Star Stages™ Base. Additional poles for previously purchased units are available. If you are looking for a pole only, one of our affiliates in the “SPECIAL DEALS” section may be more of what your looking for. All Star Stages™ at this time does not manufacture static or spinning poles by themselves. We are a Portable Pole Dance Equipment Manufacturer.

Do you setup, deliver, and return to pickup?

Yes. All Star Stages™ only offer delivery, which is included in the rate. Also includes the setup and the return pickup as well.

Does the pole really NOT connect to the ceiling?

This is correct. The pole DOES NOT connect to the ceiling. A compression fitting w/in the All Star Stages™ Base makes is so you do not need a ceiling to connect to. That’s why you can use this apparatus indoors OR outdoors!

Does the pole spin?

No. This is a fixed unit and the pole does not spin. We are working on an extension to the compression fitting so that a “spinning” option is available. Make sure you fill out the contact form to be notified once this option is available.

Does the stage tip over?

No. Not without alot of effort. In 2008 we tested a 150lb man at the top of a 12′ pole in the All Star Stages™ Base, and purposely tried to tip it over and it would NOT tip over. The reason for the octagon shape is not cause it “looks cool”. It’s actually a safety precaution. Not only does an octagon have 8 sides or “landing points”, (a square stage has 4) for more secure footing, but the base is wider (6.5 sq. ft. larger than the typical square stage) which creates more stability and limits tipping. Although sand bags are not necessary–for many applications we continue to “bag” the All Star Stages™ Base for additional stability, more or less, Peace of Mind.

How is the pole stable if it doesn’t connect to the ceiling?

All Star Stages™ patented compression fitting design enables a sturdy pole for aggressive pole dance behavior. Although the pole still moves a little bit, a seasoned pro would know how to get around a little pole movement and continue her/his routine in a portable setting.

How long does it take the delivery guy to setup?

Delivery drivers usually spend 30-40 minutes per stage/per venue. They use impact drivers for the assemble and will secure all wiring etc… so that All You Have to Do is Dance?

How long does it take to assemble All Star Stages™?

Once all of the pieces are in front of you, it should take less than 10 minutes. Only 8 bolts are necessary to tighten. Delivery guys will average 30-40 minutes per stage from the time they pull up to the venue to the time they leave.

How many people will All Star Stages™ apparatus hold?

Up to 8 Adults. It is very common to see 5-6 adults on the stage w/ room to spare at any given time. The stage top will hold over 1,000 lbs.

How much does the All Star Stages™ portable stripper pole and base weigh?

With the Standard 7’11” pro pole being used is 145lbs.

How much will the stage/pole hold? Weight wise?

Depending on the pole, it is anywhere from 250lbs to 450lbs. The stage itself will hold up to 8 adults, figuring approx. 1300 maximum lbs. NOTE: If you have a couple of fatties that want to get up on the stage base, no problem. The base isn’t your worry, it’s the pole. And I’ve yet to see a 250 lb’er be able to hold herself up, hangin’ off the pole for more than a second, to compromise the integrity of the dance pole. Your digital camera will take more abuse than the stage/pole will.

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