No Pole Dancing at the Grammy’s?

IIf you saw last night’s Grammy Awards you may have noticed over the 3+ hour event that there wasn’t any pole dancing!

We saw outrageous outfits, Gaga this & Gaga that, Pink pulled off a Cirque bit–but no pole dancing.

Isn’t the art of pole dance on every celebs brain right now? Hasn’t pole fitness spiked interest into Oprah, 8 shows worth? Does Brooke Hogan and Miley Cyrus spring life into the tabloids and TMZ–keeping parents pissed that their young ones would want to “stripper pole dance”?

To me, I figure that the Grammy’s are notorious for being edgy and pushing the envelope–but for as outrageous as the show was, unfortunately the art of pole dance didn’t get a nod.

I believe it’s time to see this regularly on American television as we are 2-3 years behind Europe when it comes to the popularity of pole dance. Maybe if we weren’t so crude….or uneducated, we’d see more people accept an art that is simply not stripping.

We can only hope that it will reach the Olympics soon and get the cred it really deserves. What do you think?

And as for the Grammy’s…well, better luck next year–

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