How To Market Your Video Game: Use Pole Dancers and a Portable Stripper Pole

So the next time your on your way to making the big bucks for the next video game that the world should jump for–there’s one way, at least for the PR firm to make sure that the media and bloggers will talk about it:

Use Pole Dancers and a Portable Stripper Pole (from All Star Stages) when you stage your next media blitz.

All is true for this blogger that appeared at a press release event for the next True Crime video game. Here’s how he puts it:

Marketing games: the art of the pole dance | Social Media and …

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: True Crime looks good . The game was demoed for me in a private suite, played live, and talked up by the developer. Mixing the best parts of Stranglehold and Grand Theft Auto IV , it was a game …

…and after your done reading that, make sure you check out your next pole dance lesson thanx to those performing on you tube:

How to Pole Dance for Fitness : The Dying Move in Pole Dancing Exercises

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