entourage season 7 cover pic

HBO’s Entourage & All Star Stages Portable Dance Pole

entourage season 7 cover picLast week HBO’s Entourage and All Star Stages (that’s us!) teamed up in Hollywood to shoot the advertising promo for the next season of the Emmy nominated T.V. Show.

Adding a 9’4″ portable dance pole complete w/ 5×5 ft. octagon stage into the promo, which featured a 6′ tall miniature of the Hollywood sign, was shot on a sound stage in the city’s Gower district.

Entourage, which goes into season 7 this year is finally hoping for that Emmy that only Jeremy Piven has walked with in past years.

As soooo many shows we’ve seen in the last couple of years are now adding pole dancing, and more stripper pole type content, and with all the talk last month about pole dancing being in the Olympics; maybe it’s time for these shows to introduce what should be normal to us–at least it’s normal to the Europeans.

Unfortunately we probably won’t get a positive look on “pole dancing” in the shows season–I would about bet that we will see more of the stripper side of the art in coming episodes.

No worries though. Little by little All Star Stages keeps landing upon t.v. show after t.v. show and spots on blockbusters like “The Green Hornet” due out December 2010.

All Star Stages appeared previously in episodes of House on Fox, Snoop Dogg Dogg After Dark, Paris Hilton My New BFF, MTV’s The Real World and recently also shot a Bone Thugs and Harmony music video and holds quite a long rap sheet of entertainment you watch regularly.

If interested in renting a stripper pole for your next party or production event, All Star Stages, available in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York mainly can be obtained HERE or call 800.983.6640

All Star Stages includes all setup, delivery, and return pickup.

Oh, and make sure you watch Entourage season 7 on HBO!

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