Epic Pole Dance Fail Video on Huffington Post

If you saw the 32 Pole Dancing Fails video that has went viral and circulated major sites such as the Huffington Post, then you may have seen that the All Star Stages Pink Delight Portable Dance Pole was one of the apparatus’ that made it on to the film. Now to be fair, there was […]

Rise to the Male Pole Dancer (video)

If anyone has ever had the time to experience Cirque Du Soleil then you know about those crazy male pole dancers scaling the wood poles like monkeys in many a set during the program. But you never see male pole dancers in today’s world unless they are either, in a show like Cirque, or being […]

Pole Dancing Robots at ceBIT in Germany

) Attack of the robots! But these aren’t available for stripper pole rentals in Los Angeles or renting a stripper pole in NYC or Miami. Although that would be awesome and we would love to entertain that idea at the next production party or live event. Fortunately the metal hip swirlin’ mother boards and computer […]

Bachelor Parties are Renting Stripper Poles in Breaking Numbers!

  Renting a portable stripper pole for your bachelor party just got easier! Especially when Delivery, Setup & Return Pickup of your rented dance pole are included. Why do all bachelor parties seem the same? A bunch of college buddies get together every few months to bid farewell to yet another fallen soldier. They meet […]

I Rented an All Star Stages Portable Stripper Pole for My Birthday in Los Angeles

So I decided to write this for thanking the guys at All Star Stages after renting a stripper pole & stage in Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA. Here we go: I throw myself a huge birthday bash each and EVERY year because that’s just how I do it. I’ll admit I was born into a little […]

All Star Stages on “The Talk” on CBS T.V. Show

Producer’s over at CBS’s “THE TALK” report that an All Star Stages Portable Pole Dancing Stage/Pole has been assembled over on Stage 16 at the CBS Studios yesterday, as they prepared for a pole dancing segment to be filmed today and air tomorrow at 2 pm EST and 1 pm PST. Guests on the episode […]

All Star Stages Does Pole Dancing In The Park NYC

Pole in the Park™ in Union Square in NYC last week brought some of the best pole dancingt talent to the street.  Put on by the American Pole Fitness Association whom had teamed up w/ All Star Stages™ for an event that will go down in history as the first public pole dancing event. All […]

Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih Will NOT Lose Here Title Over Stripper Pics

2010 Winner of the Miss USA pageant whom later this month got her first taste of scandal when some racy photos leaked from a Michigan radio stations minutes after her win. The photos show Fakih in some sort of Strip 101 type of contest that was allegedly done for promotional types of reasons to raise […]

Cooling Down After Pole Dancing ~ A MUST!

Many work on their stretching, many pole dancers work on their warmups. But what to do during the “cooling down” period after a pole dancing workout or routine? As with any sport and activity/exercise, there is a way to play and a way not to. Such as it is w/ running: You don’t stop from […]