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What to Do B4 and After Pole Dancing Class?

Even though this post was first published in 2010, it still is important to consider what damage you may or may not be doing to yourself– therefore knowing what to do before and after pole class or a pole workout is essential to an athlete’s longevity.

Take a look below:

Another pole dancing blog hit the market and I’d like to use their post-cause they tackled something that I, as a pole dancer, don’t see often enough on blogs about pole dancing.

What should you be doing before and after your pole dancing workout???

Along with other tips and tricks, you can check out the blog post below:

Tips and Tricks for Before and After Your Pole Workout …

The most exciting thing about pole dance workouts is they can burn tons of calories and fat while reshaping your entire body. Sound like fun? Here are the top pole dance tips you need to follow to avoid injuries and embarrassing falls. …

…and when you done–here’s your next installment of a pole trick brought to you by the lovely ladies producing youtube vids:

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