Stripper Pole Rentals

Rent Commercial Portable Stripper Poles & Stages

All Star Foyer Mayweather Portable Stripper Pole

Stripper Pole Rentals for Productions & Corporate/Private Events

Commercial grade portable stripper pole rental complete with delivery, setup, return pickup & lighting.

Freestanding dance pole engineered for film production and commercial use. No limits for pro talent.

What You’ll Need to Know

Indoor Instal:  We need to know your ceiling height. Poles are single lengths. Technicians will need a dance pole shorter than the ceiling.

Flooring:  What type of floor would you like to put the unit on?  We need to prepare our techs to provide the appropriate stage base ie. stone, wood, concrete, grass

Ground Level or Upstairs: Setup of a single 5×5′ unit in the foyer of a house on the ground floor takes approx 30 min total.  If the unit needs to go to the 2nd floor add 25 minutes of setup time. Elevators add 15 minutes.

All Star Stages Portable Stripper Pole on Dockweiler State Beach Morning-2

Date/Time/Delivery/Pickup: What time of the day would you like delivery & pickup? Mornings, afternoons, evenings?

Venue Address:  To give you an accurate quote, we will need the event location to provide you w/ the best rate.

Any Uploads? If you have any pics, COI’s, ideas, or need a quote? Upload on the  form here.

Note: We recommend a 6×6′ or 7×7′ footprint for the 5×5′ octo stage. Need larger stage? 10’x10′ All Star Grande.

Quote/Bookings – Call 800.983.6640

all star stages portable stripper pole stage prepares with stedicam operator 1000px

All You Do Is Cast ~

Commercial Specs:

  • 7’7″ – 12.5′ Pro Dance Poles (non-sectional)
  • 5’x5’x1′ Octagon Acrylic Stage
  • 10’x10’x1′ Octagon Acrylic Grande
  • Actinic Glow Lighting Kit
  • Delivery, Build & Strike
  • Flat Rates Billed per/24 hrs
  • Weekly’s avail.

All Poles/Stages Include:

  • Choice Acrylic Side-Kit Skirts
  • Diffused or Gloss Acrylic Stage Tops
  • Pro Mirror Solid Length Stainless Pole
  • Vibrant Actinic Glow Lighting Kit
  • 4” chrome access ball (if applicable)

Custom Install, Delivery, Build & Strike ~

Neyo ~ You Got the Body

A refined very well done vid even though it’s age restricted, it’s worth the watch.
A Spike Lee Joint

Big Daddy Swolls ~ Mary Go Round

Big Daddy Swolls lays it out w/ a handful of models & some pole work.

David Michigan ~ Whine For Me ft. Richie Loop – Diesel.hi

Artsy with an addictive beat in this colorful vid complete with laser & pole.
All Star Stages on Arsenio Hall Show

Hollywood, Long Beach, the Valley, O.C.

Pose on All Star Stages Portable Stripper Pole

The Strip, Metro, Henderson, Summerlin

Praising the Pole Dance Gods on an All Star Stages Commercial Gr

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Newark NJ

Buckhead, Brookhaven

2 Dancers Perform for Camera on All Star Stages Portable STrippe

Miami, Broward, Boca Raton, W. Palm Beach

Blac Youngsta – “Cut Up”

Blac is the milkman delivery guy to curious housewives that ends with a bang ~
all star stages portable dance pole and stage on white cyc bts bw 1000px

G-Eazy ~ The Plan

This b&w mv was shot in an unfinished Frank Lloyd Wright building in SoCal in 2017.
production with astera pole girl background 1100

JLO Medicine Remix MV Steve Aoki

All Star Stages featured in the JLo hit, a followup from Medicine earlier in 2019.

Common Questions

All Star Stages standard stage platforms are a 5x5x1 ft octagon shape. Poles range 7.7 ft to 12.4 ft
overall height. Poles are 50mm.The Dueling Pole & Catwalk footprint: 12x5x1ft octagon platforms. Grande
Stage: 10x10x1 ft octagon platforms. All Star Stages 4x4x1 ft square stage platforms.

Pole limits range from 250-500lbs. 9.4 ft All Star Stages Rigid series pro pole rated up to 500lbs.
Standard 7.11ft is rated up to 250lbs.  5×5 ft stage base rated up to 1100 lbs. Overall weight of 5x5x1ft stage
w/ a 9.4 ft pro pole is 260lbs.

All Star Stages 50mm dance poles do not spin at this time.  They are a static pole unit.  Spinning
design will be added to our current stage frame structure.  These should be released in 2020.

All Star Stages rental services vary by location.  Single unit reservations range from $300-$2000.
Pricing may be affected due to logistics, schedule, time of year and other factors that adjust rates. Inquire by
calling 800/983.6640 Locations include Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, Las Vegas and Orlando.

Ceiling heights are necessary because the poles are complete lengths with no extensions.  A 9.4 ft
pro pole is one complete length and would fit under a 10 ft ceiling but not a 9 ft ceiling.  If your ceiling is 9 ft
in height, then you would need an 8.3 ft pole from All Star Stages.

All service orders for All Star Stages, including all equipment and lighting are delivered and assembled
by All Star Stages stage technicians. Average assembly time is 30 minutes per 5×5 ft stage/pole footprint
when landing on the ground floor. Prop money is ordered direct and will be shipped unless where rush
orders may be placed.

Yes. Commercial grade professional portable pole dance stages meant for aggressive pole dance
behavior. Built for production, clients range from CBS, Warner Bros, Universal on shows such as Ellen, JLo,
Jimmy Kimmel. Poles are 50mm in 5x5ft stages.

Depends on the project. Call 800.983.6640 to inquire for custom rental applications & logistics.

Yes. Inquire by calling 800.983.6640 10a-7p PST. Stage bases w/ acrylic elements can be
manufactured to fit your project.

No if it is being used as intended. Stages are built to withhold tipping over by way of the large octagon
base layout. Typically reinforced w/ 100lbs of added weight in the base to stop any stage-crawling during

Production / Select Private Events

Delivery ~ Build ~ Strike


All Pole Units for Production Rent Weekly
Up to 5 Shoot Days & 2 Load Days