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A pallet of prop movie money for a film shoot

Professional Prop Money the Pros Use ~ Period

You’ve seen this with hip hop artists flaunting big cash on-screen and mobster-style bank-break-in’s yielding duffle-bags of loot. Whether it’s flying out the back of an armored truck or raining from the skies, where do you get all this money?

Most of the time the cash you see on-screen is fake.  Productions rarely use the real deal.  It’s illegal.  Reproduction of currency, even on camera is a Federal crime.  What you see on TV:  It’s all prop money.

If you need to do a tight closeup of high heels & cash falling around the pole or briefcases filled to the brim overflowin’ with millions, we’ve got you covered.

Studio? Art?  Your prop movie money art dept dilemma has been solved.

Zoom in, go macro, go wide– no matter the size of the project, this is the kind of detail you’re looking for:

The Money Shot ~

Dedicated to the Craft of Prop Money

You Know You Want Some

all star stages prop movie money

Top Rated Prop Cash For Production

Portable stripper poles and prop movie money bills.

We’ve got bags of loot for you ~

The facilities are kept stacked within major cities around the nation for quick turnarounds.

Older nostalgic project?  Need old-school bills?.. Real old school? No problem, you are covered.

All ranges of bills dating back to the roaring 20’s era.  50’s and 60’s currency if you wanna go back to the future.  80’s denominations, new style hundreds, 2000 series bills, briefcases, bags and boxes.

Need to pick it up? LA, the tip of Florida, Atlanta and if you twist our arm, we can get to you in Vegas and NYC quick.

worn new hundred dollar bills with bill bank wraps prop money

Any Cash Configuration You Can Dream Up

Prop money hanging from tree branches and a portable stripper pole inside neon party

Any Idea or Creative Thought

Did you just mention that you need to fill up an empty swimming pool with hundos Scrooge McDuck style?

Oh, so the script calls for the ship to explode out at sea and you need the tide to come in and cover an ocean bay?  Ok, we got this.

Any creative abstract you can dream up from scripts to treatments to thee ole’ wild imagination.  Let’s talk about your project.

Need to put your boss’s mug on the cover of a $300 bill?  Or faculty throwing a bit of a suprise event?

We’re ready to rock on all of your own custom artwork, logos & images.

If you’re lookin’ for attention, this prop cash delivers and turns heads the bigger the stacks.

From corporate events to real life monopoly in the house ~ This is the prop money you’ve been searching for.

stacks of prop money next to a money counter with one hundred dollar bills new style in the counter

Any Style or Size, Let’s Fill a Spa

Large big blocks of prop movie money one million dollars

Fully Compliant Prop Money

stacks of prop money next to a money counter with one hundred dollar bills new style in the counter

Smart visuals are important when a compelling moment is key to the story.  Since the options are endless, we have an entire site dedicated to your prop money requests.

Expect deep design detail in these bills while adhering to Federal Guidelines for prop money.

All Star Stages works solely with Prop Movie Money, Inc. as it’s essential for quality production.

Do not risk a production shut-down from an authority investigating your attempts to print money or use counterfeits.

Burning real currency on-screen is illegal.  Using real currency on-screen is illegal.

Have a look, run your numbers and tell us what you’re looking for ~

What About the Questions? The Questions!

one hundred dollar bill stacked and wrapped prop money against wood background

Smart visuals are important when a compelling moment is key to the story.  Expect deep design detail in these bills while adhereing to Federal Guidelines.  As prop masters and over 29 years working in film with prop masters, set designers and art departments, this prop money has many markings, size and artwork that looks perfect for film but WILL NOT pass as real money and is respected and preffered in the entertainment industry.

8k, 4k, 1080p, no matter the video definition these prop money stacks have been graphically mastered to handle all of your filming needs without causing any flub.  Attention to detail and legal parameters have caused us to produce the most authentic prop money for production.  Whether you’re shooting macro or microscope, your audience will be left spellbound by the story if you incorporate these props into your high definition project.

Prop money blank fillers save production $$$.  If you have to cover a large room 2 ft tall there is no sense in having every bill printed back and front– the shot calls for stacks and we only see the top of the stacks. If a single stack is picked up, it’s printed on the bottom. The middle is empty paper.

Nope ~  You are good to go!  Fill that pool up or put your characters in a heavy rain storm– you’ll be pleased to know (and comforted) that your talent will not have to go to makeup inbetween takes cause our high quality full prints (and fillers) don’t bleed.  They won’t bleed on your clothes, face, hands or other props.  Furthermore, the process following the printing of the prop money includes a heat dry and re-wet before the bills are even shipped to your set.  Not only is this to insure solid ink no matter the weather application but also ages the bills for more authenticity in replicating real bills for film.

Are you looking for distressed bills or older denominations?  Your prop money connection has you covered with bills going back to the Roaring 20’s packages to newer style stacks and everything in-between.  We’ve got your 80’s bills, your 2000 series and if your story is based of today, we have the whole range of bills, bundles, suit cases, duffel-bags, fillers, full prints, aged, worn, ripped, curled and ready to smoke ~ j/k.  Don’t smoke the prop money– unless the treatment calls for it ~

We have the new hundred series ready for your project.  Closeups and macro applications are invited but if you are looking to get the hologram strip on a prop hundred to reflect, unfortunately due to Federal law, we cannot apply this fix.  It would be recommended, in closeups, to use a real bill if the refection of the hologram is necessary to tell the story.

Many companies don’t pay attention to detail.  Period.  They cut corners, add markings to the bills that show up on-camera and worse, the printers don’t adhere to the laws and regulations of the United States Federal goverment authorities that oversee the prop money and stunt gun industry.  Some printers will print what they want and find themselves receiving a visit from the FBI.  We’ve followed the rules and regs.  Hired the designers with attention to detail and created our plates to be the most authentic in any type of production application including macro closeups where real bills may be too risky to use.  Trusted by professionals and film industry pros and rated #1 for prop money.

The whole stack is printed. What’s not printed in blanks is printed in fulls.  That’s every piece back and front in the stack.

You’re Art Dept put on this project and lemme guess, you just got the call and found out you’re working on a tight schedule with even a tighter budget.  No problem.  Contact us immediately for overnight, quick turn-around, or pickup orders and locations so we can get your order cut shipped and save you some real money $.

You bet your keister we can do custom.  Your logos and designs, any artwork you throw, we’ll spend the time to personalize your money prop projects for whatever your heart desires ~

What Are You Waiting For?

new hundreds style prop movie money on a counter with calculator and pen (1)

Double-Double Quadruple Disclaimer:

This prop movie money you are using is designed for productions and professional coordinated events.

This money cannot be used as legal tender currency.

Many changes have been made in detail including the size of the bills that look appropriate on camera but will not pass in regular society.

This is not real money and is not intended to be used as real, legitamate currency in life.

This currency may only be used in artistic projects to simulate or imitate real life.

This currency is soley for production and professional projects only.

Illegal use of money props can garner up to 20 years & $100,000 fine.  Don’t mess around.

All Star Stages or Prop Movie Money, Inc. are not liable for any of your stupid sh*t.

Art Imitates Life

Let’s keeps it that way.

Now It’s Your Turn

new hundred prop money hangs under a smile youre being video taped sign


All Star Poles Dancer getting one dollar bills-

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