US Pole Dance Federation Competition is Back

The U.S. Pole Dance Federation, which started in 2008, is back again in NYC this year for another round of their pole dance competitions.

I’ve heard good and bad–like the fact that last year no one heard about it and it was on a Wednesday in the middle of the day for 12 dancers.

But here’s more on what’s going down this year:

US Pole Dance Federation Nat'l Championships | Manhattan Style

This is it the World’s sexiest sports competition is back for its second year as the US Pole Dance Federation hosts its National Championships event on March 19th in NYC.This event features the nation’s most elite performers in the art …

Now when your done getting warmed up for competition, let’s not forget our pole dancing instructional youtuvbe vids that we find, just for you:

How to Pole Dance for Fitness : The Madonna Move in Pole Dancing Exercises

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