Uh Oh. That Girl Next Door Kendra is Teaching Pole Dancing in Vegas

Yikes. So Stripper 101 classes in Vegas are now we’re blessed with Kendra, a true ho, I mean pro, when it comes to pole dancing?

Kendra Wilkinson, Yah right.

Unless she wants to help promote All Star Stages Portable Pole Dance Apparatus, then I’m not going to give any love here.

Not that I want to be negative, but I feel that a celebrity gold digge, I mean, Z-List celeb, probably isn’t the greatest place to learn the art of Cirque and other acrobatics unless they’re going to tie in–lap dance: The art of a different type of pole dance.

You know, if you just take a ride (no pun intended) on over to this little place on the net call YouTube, try typing in “Pole Dance lessons” into the search bar.

There you may find plenty of people that know far more what they’re doing than our Playboy friend whom ultimately got fired.

I know I’m being negative, but oh well. Unless she’s a certified physical trainer (and she may as well be, I’d love to investigate the credentials though), then she most likely doesn’t have the slightest idea on what muscles one should stretch out before hopping on the vertical dance pole (I’m sure she’s a pro on the pole–just not that one).

Hey–for the $250 it’ll cost you to meet ‘n’ greet…maybe you should just reinvest that into a real class on the art of pole dance, not Stripper 101. You can get that for free at most Gentleman’s clubs.

Here’s a little article we found on just this, enjoy:

Las Vegas Weekly : – Pole dancing, according to Kendra Wilkinson

Ladies who sign up for V Theatre’s increasingly popular Stripper 101 classes offered March 28 will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the art of the pole dance from none other than Kendra Wilkinson of The Girls Next …

And now your FREE YouTube video on Pole Dancing–the real art–(and this GUY is awesome!):

Male Pole Dance at Pole Divas — Training clip # 2

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  1. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    I took this class with Kendra and it was awesome! And for $250 you got the Kendra Sport Pole which retails at $250 so I actually got to take Stripper 101 for free (which was the best class ever), meet Kendra and get tons of merchandise. It was sooooo much fun. The class is about feeling sexy and your inner beauty as a woman. It’s not a fitness class. Totally worth every penny… Just sounds like you’re jealous that Kendra isn’t the spokesperson for your class.

  2. Pole Dancer
    Pole Dancer says:

    Kendra is a professional nothing. She is not a pole dancer. She is a girl who at 20 years old thought riding on an 80 year old man’s penis was the key to get to the top instead of good old fashioned work.

    We deal w/ real professional pole dancers and the art thereof. We’re not jealous that she isn’t the spokesperson. We are upset that this individual is giving information out there to groups of people that don’t know either way about the pole dance genre other than what they can collect from YouTube. Teaching Strip Class is not pole dancing, I’m aware of that–but the rest of the newbies out there are not.

    Kendra’s “made in China” stripper pole and according to your account, even the class is a stripper class–not a fitness class. Maybe she should be teaching fellatio and showing girls how to stay hot and thin, work as little as possible and pimp the old rich men of Newport Beach, CA.

    By the way—that’s what we call prostitution in this country. Legal Prostitution. Your girl is nothing more than a legal whore. But I’m glad you had fun…thanx for the post!!

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