Rise to the Male Pole Dancer (video)

male Pole Dancer on All Star Stages Portable Dance Pole

If anyone has ever had the time to experience Cirque Du Soleil then you know about those crazy male pole dancers scaling the wood poles like monkeys in many a set during the program.

But you never see male pole dancers in today’s world unless they are either, in a show like Cirque, or being made fun of on Jimmy Kimmel.

Now I welcome you to the rise of the male pole dance artist and we can start w/ a one Patryk Rybarski.

Thee pole dancer extraordinaire.

It’s been said that if pole dancing finally made it to the Olympics, male dancers would also attend to the sport. And due to the tremendous amount of upper body strength needed to really work that 50mm stainless or brass, one would need to be quite fit.

Fortunately for men, generally speaking, they have larger upper body frames to women, ultimately leaning into the idea that men could take over the sport w/ their abilities based on hefty upper body genetics.

This is not to say that women should not or do not lend to the creative space, it’s just to suggest that men are not all into watching other men on the pole unless they too were in competitive nature as athletes, artists, dancers–in which they would naturally accept it.

Either way, the time has come for the rise of the Male Pole Artist.

Patryk Rybarski, from Poland is defining that exactly.

Patryk Rybarski Pole Dancer

Only few before him (watch below).

The future is bold AND daring for the pole industry.

Make no mistake ladies, pole duo’s will be regular in the future. And the men will start poling right in to your local studio. Are we ready for co-ed pole dance classes?

Most likely the studios will create additional classes that have the ability to go co-ed as many a lady out there, especially as a beginner, is not interested in having the opposite sex stare at her first attempts to curtsy after a few bruises, bumps, and any ‘junk’ bouncing around the pole.

The men are coming. They want to pole dance. They want to duo.

Jungle Cat Long Time Male Pole Dancer

It’s just a matter of time.

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