I Rented an All Star Stages Portable Stripper Pole for My Birthday in Los Angeles

Los Angeles stripper pole rentals in my home
So I decided to write this for thanking the guys at All Star Stages after renting a stripper pole & stage in Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA.

Here we go:

I throw myself a huge birthday bash each and EVERY year because that’s just how I do it. I’ll admit I was born into a little $$, and so were my friends. Anyways, I try to come up with something new and creative for each birthday to change it up.

Sometimes I have a birthday destination and my friends and I fly somewhere; anywhere really. I mean, ANYWHERE. Three years ago, for my 22nd birthday, me and 17 of my friends flew to Monaco!

What a Night with the All Star Stages Portable Stripper Pole

It was amazing to say the least. We partied it up top-shelf style. My friends and I know how to have a good time.

Private venues, lots of drinks, killer food, interesting locals, you get it.

Needless to say, I have so many stories from that week that I wouldn’t know where to begin except to say “What happens in Monaco stays in Monaco”, if you know what I mean (two of my girlfriends had to get marriage annulments prior to hopping on our jet home, if that tells you anything).

Well, this year was a bit on the mellow sided compared to birthdays past. No passport needed, but still fun. I mean, 25 years is no small feat. Since there was no flying involved more of my friends were able to join.

Pink Delight 6 Partiers All Star Stages
Even though there was lots of drinking (as usual), I still remember the party pretty well, partly because it wasn’t that long ago (June 1st, thank-you-very-much!).

Pictures are great because they help me remember everything that goes down on days like that (and they also work pretty well as blackmail lol!).

So the party was at my place here in the Hollywood Hills. Even though I planned it, like invited friends, ordered food and drinks, paid bartenders and servers, and hired the band (name withheld because they weren’t supposed to be in town…), a couple of my girlfriends surprised me by renting stripper poles that they had set up out in my backyard (strippers not included unfortunately, but trust me, that was not an issue for long).

The party rocked, and the rented stripper poles were the highlight fo sho!

Each portable stripper pole is on top of a pretty big stage (like big enough for a few people to dance on at the same time without falling off).

Hollywood Hills home with All Star Stages portable stripper pole
Like I said, the portable stages were set to be set up outside, but I was told when the delivery guys showed up that we could have moved the portable stripper poles indoors if we had wanted.

They must be pretty portable, cause they brought in the metal stage frames in pieces as well as the stripper poles and the dance tops and yet they did’t look cheesy at all.

I found out later the name of the company that rented us the stages was called All Star Stages. They are Orange County or Los Angeles-based, I’m pretty sure so I bet they rent all over the place.

The stripper pole stages for rent were so much fun. They are literally the same as the poles inside strip clubs, except they were outside rather than inside.

Hollywood stripper pole rentals in california for b-day party
Oh yeah, there was also no cover charge or bouncers (but there was definitely some dirty dancing).

The stripper stage frames were very sturdy and didn’t tip or anything. Trust me, we gave them a run for their money. Everyone got to try them out and watch and we even had a contest.

Next time we rent the stripper poles we’re thinking about throwing a them party like a trailer trash party or (as the delivery guys had mentioned..) that it may be a good idea to rent them along w/ a pole dance instructor for a girls nite party.

Renting All Star Stages stripper poles in Hollywood, CA was a great idea because we all got to try something new and fun. I think a few of my friends found new part-time jobs! lol..

All star Stages Pink Delight in Long Beach with Queen Mary
Also, the guys who set up the portable stripper poles & stages the day of my birthday came back the next morning to take them down.

Set-up and clean-up were included with the cost of the rental. Pretty cut and dry.

Long story short, definitely rent All Star Stages portable stripper poles at your next event. They’ll make the whole thing memorable, I swear.

So how did it come to writing this for them? They asked for a testimonial and I told them that I thought that the stripper poles were such a hit at my b-day party that I’d write them a long letter to the people detailing how much fun I had and why they should rent a stripper pole from All Star Stages.

Thanks guys,


Stripper Pole Rentals on the Tenth Hole Monarch Golf Resort Dana Point, CA

Demi Moore Gives Daughter Pole Dancing Tips

Moore at TechCrunch50 2008
Image via Wikipedia

Well, well. We knew sooner or later that the actress Demi Moore, whom in the 90’s made headlines from her stripper moves for her movie StripTease, has now come of age–and apparently her daughter as well, to the art of pole dance.

Pole dancing tips for daughters probably has made right-wing America wonder–Jeez, what is she thinking–But in reality, giving your daughter pole dancing tips is not too bad of an idea after all.

Why? Well, to keep in shape for starters. Plus isn’t daughter on her way to launching a film making career?

Either way, we’re not the only ones commenting on this. Here’s some more on the Demi Moore teaching daughter pole dancing tips from our fellow bloggers:

Demi Moore ‘gives daughter pole dancing tips’

NEW YORK – Actress Demi Moore reportedly handed out pole-dancing tips to her daughter Rumer Willis at a party in Hollywood.

…And now a Pole Dance Lesson for You! Video Below

Pole Dance Lesson

HBO’s Entourage & All Star Stages Portable Dance Pole

The Hollywood Sign as it appears from a trail ...
Image via Wikipedia

Last week HBO’s Entourage and All Star Stages (that’s us!) teamed up in Hollywood to shoot the advertising promo for the next season of the Emmy nominated T.V. Show.

Adding a 9’4″ portable dance pole complete w/ 5×5 ft. octagon stage into the promo, which featured a 6′ tall miniature of the Hollywood sign, was shot on a sound stage in the city’s Gower district.

Entourage, which goes into season 7 this year is finally hoping for that Emmy that only Jeremy Piven has walked with in past years.

As soooo many shows we’ve seen in the last couple of years are now adding pole dancing, and more stripper pole type content, and with all the talk last month about pole dancing being in the Olympics; maybe it’s time for these shows to introduce what should be normal to us–at least it’s normal to the Europeans.

Unfortunately we probably won’t get a positive look on “pole dancing” in the shows season–I would about bet that we will see more of the stripper side of the art in coming episodes.

No worries though. Little by little All Star Stages keeps landing upon t.v. show after t.v. show and spots on blockbusters like “The Green Hornet” due out December 2010.

All Star Stages appeared previously in episodes of House on Fox, Snoop Dogg Dogg After Dark, Paris Hilton My New BFF, MTV’s The Real World and recently also shot a Bone Thugs and Harmony music video and holds quite a long rap sheet of entertainment you watch regularly.

If interested in renting a stripper pole for your next party or production event, All Star Stages, available in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York mainly can be obtained HERE or call 800.983.6640

All Star Stages includes all setup, delivery, and return pickup.

Oh, and make sure you watch Entourage season 7 on HBO!