Rent Commercial Portable Stripper Poles

Stripper Pole Rentals for Productions and Private Events

All Star Stages provide professional stripper pole rentals complete with delivery, setup and return pickup. Our freestanding, commercial stripper pole has been designed for productions and commercial use as well as live & private events with professional dance talent. In additional to premium poles, we also offer premium service. Our team of industry professionals will ensure everything runs smoothly. We’ll deliver your stripper pole on time, with professional technicians and set it up so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

What you need to know

If you’re requesting installation indoors, we need to know the height of the ceiling so that our technician can bring the appropriate pole to fit the available space. Make sure you have at least at 6’x6′ area available for the standard All Star Stages. If you are hiring professional talent, then you’ll need a 7’x7′ area. We also offer a stage four times the size of our regular units, the 10’x10′ All Star Grande.

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All Star Portable Stripper Pole Mansion Foyer