Miss USA 2010 was a Stripper Contestant Winner NOT a Pole Dance Champion

rima fakih miss usa 2010 on horse with a pole

Hurray! Miss USA 2010 was an award winning pole dancer?

Not quite folks.

As many in the pole dancing world will tell you is that pole dancing is a hell of a lot different to stripping and/or strippers.

Your girl, Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010 was NOT a pole dance champion. She was the CONTESTANT Winner of a radio station spoof put on by Mojo in the Morning radio show in 2007 in which it was called “Stripper 101”.

Fakih entered a contest on a radio station back in 2007 where she was surrounded by girls in lingerie, all for which was a stripper competition not necessarily a pole dancing, or the art of, competition.

It’s a shame that the people nor the media wants to spell it out for all the morons out there that pole dancers are NOT Strippers. Bottom Line.

Just because you enter into a stripper contest and win does not make you a champion winning pole dancer.

For gods sake. Try not to be an idiot.

Read about all of it HERE

See the Video Below:

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