Get in Shape and Feel Great! With Pole Dancing Of Course…

Pole Dance Tonight with Stripper Pole Rental
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Now I know that this is a pole dancing blog. Actually it’s a pole dancing equipment company that builds portable pole dance appartus’ for the professional pole dancing industry. But we have to blog.

What in the world do you blog about in pole dance world? Well, another celeb pole dancing, oh, and don’t forget pole dancing in the Olympics–and then of course, for those of you living under a rock the last couple of years–and for those of you whom don’t watch Oprah


That’s what we write about.

I’m sure we’ve done this blog post before–and I’m sure that’s it not going to be the last time–but I feel that I should always share what the other pole dance and weight loss blogs are screaming about–I’m sure this year there will not be any short of explaining that this art is actually good for you.

I’ll save you my take, as I’ve explained it a gazillion times before–but here is another blogger’s post on why you should shed the pounds and feel great with pole dancing:

Pole Dancing Exercise – Get In Shape And Feel Great | Weight Loss …

It’s never too late to try and get in shape or simply feel good about yourself.

…and now your pole dance youtube video tip:

Pole Dancing Exercises : Basic Pole Dancing Exercises: How to Pole Dance Without Heels

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