Demi Moore Gives Daughter Pole Dancing Tips

Moore at TechCrunch50 2008
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Well, well. We knew sooner or later that the actress Demi Moore, whom in the 90’s made headlines from her stripper moves for her movie StripTease, has now come of age–and apparently her daughter as well, to the art of pole dance.

Pole dancing tips for daughters probably has made right-wing America wonder–Jeez, what is she thinking–But in reality, giving your daughter pole dancing tips is not too bad of an idea after all.

Why? Well, to keep in shape for starters. Plus isn’t daughter on her way to launching a film making career?

Either way, we’re not the only ones commenting on this. Here’s some more on the Demi Moore teaching daughter pole dancing tips from our fellow bloggers:

Demi Moore ‘gives daughter pole dancing tips’

NEW YORK – Actress Demi Moore reportedly handed out pole-dancing tips to her daughter Rumer Willis at a party in Hollywood.

…And now a Pole Dance Lesson for You! Video Below

Pole Dance Lesson

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