Strength/Training Excercises ~ Basic Pole Dance Maintenance

Pole Dance ART PROS Stripper Pole Rental
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Since a lot of people are slowly but surely getting into the pole dancing scene whether by watching through youtube or signing up for a local class; one thing that many tend to sweep into the closet is the basic strength training and maintenance exercise needed.

Our friends over at Candy and Chrome pole dancing studios in the UK have put together a blog post to help you not forget the basics in maintenance exercise and strength building required for the art of pole dancing.

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Pole Dancing For MEN

Pole Unity w/ Drew
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More men these days are jumping up on the pole dancing wagon. Our friends over at Stripper Pole recently put out a list of the male pole dancers on youtube. Check that out HERE.

Knowing the business of pole dancing and the amount of upper body strength that is needed to be a fluid pole dancer makes it really interesting when looking at men doing the dancing and not the watching 🙂

For a primarily female driven sport and exercise demographic, many pole dance studios don’t have a co-ed or men’s class available. For some, it’s that there isn’t for such a market of men wanting to take pole dancing lessons; for others: well, it’s called discrimination.

I know of men that have even called a pole dance studio in their local area and they were either hung up on, or in their opinion, not treated nicely on the phone.

Either way, if men get into pole dancing in large numbers; ladies look out, cause genetically they may own that sport as well.

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~ And Now A Male Pole Dancer Video ~

★ Bad Azz ★ The Advanced Male Pole Dancer @ BeSpun ★

Miss USA 2010 was a Stripper Contestant Winner NOT a Pole Dance Champion

rima fakih miss usa 2010 on horse with a pole

Hurray! Miss USA 2010 was an award winning pole dancer?

Not quite folks.

As many in the pole dancing world will tell you is that pole dancing is a hell of a lot different to stripping and/or strippers.

Your girl, Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010 was NOT a pole dance champion. She was the CONTESTANT Winner of a radio station spoof put on by Mojo in the Morning radio show in 2007 in which it was called “Stripper 101”.

Fakih entered a contest on a radio station back in 2007 where she was surrounded by girls in lingerie, all for which was a stripper competition not necessarily a pole dancing, or the art of, competition.

It’s a shame that the people nor the media wants to spell it out for all the morons out there that pole dancers are NOT Strippers. Bottom Line.

Just because you enter into a stripper contest and win does not make you a champion winning pole dancer.

For gods sake. Try not to be an idiot.

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See the Video Below:

Nerds CAN’T Pole Dance!

A man and a woman performing a modern dance.
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Cambridge University now offering female only students pole dance classes!

Nerds can’t Pole Dance

According to various sources Cambridge University Union is now offering it’s female (and only female) students pole dancing lessons. A spokeswoman is quoted as saying “We are of the opinion that classes like these are a way of …

Airbourne Music Video w/ Alethea Austin & All Star Stages

airbourne hard rock band album pic

The Australian hard rock group “Airbourne” and All Star Stages teamed up w/ IPDFC winner Alethea Austin to shoot the bands new music video during a 17 hour shoot last Wednesday.

Shot on an airplane, Austin, who’s a terrific pole dancer had to do the death lay on the ceiling of the airplane.

alethea austin death lay on airplane ceiling all star stages airbourne video shoot

The project was set to shoot last week sometime, until there were scheduling conflicts that arose when the volcano that erupted sent ash into the sky and the band could not get to Los Angeles cause of flights being canceled.

When all was said and done the production was off the hook, everyone is pleased and Alethea Austin had a chance to jump on the best portable pole dance apparatus ever created by All Star Stages™.

Unfortunately though, the production called for a shorter pole than All Star Stages prefers to send out, since the project took place in an airplane.
Below you can see Alethea in Action!