US Pole Dance Federation Competition is Back

The U.S. Pole Dance Federation, which started in 2008, is back again in NYC this year for another round of their pole dance competitions.

I’ve heard good and bad–like the fact that last year no one heard about it and it was on a Wednesday in the middle of the day for 12 dancers.

But here’s more on what’s going down this year:

US Pole Dance Federation Nat'l Championships | Manhattan Style

This is it the World’s sexiest sports competition is back for its second year as the US Pole Dance Federation hosts its National Championships event on March 19th in NYC.This event features the nation’s most elite performers in the art …

Now when your done getting warmed up for competition, let’s not forget our pole dancing instructional youtuvbe vids that we find, just for you:

How to Pole Dance for Fitness : The Madonna Move in Pole Dancing Exercises

What to Do B4 and After Pole Dancing Class?

Image by lululemon athletica via Flickr

Another pole dancing blog hit the market and I’d like to use their post-cause they tackled something that I, as a pole dancer, don’t see often enough on blogs about pole dancing.

What should you be doing before and after your pole dancing workout???

Along with other tips and tricks, you can check out the blog post below:

Tips and Tricks for Before and After Your Pole Workout …

The most exciting thing about pole dance workouts is they can burn tons of calories and fat while reshaping your entire body. Sound like fun? Here are the top pole dance tips you need to follow to avoid injuries and embarrassing falls. …

…and when you done–here’s your next installment of a pole trick brought to you by the lovely ladies producing youtube vids:

How to Pole Dance for Fitness : The Sunwheel Move in Pole Dancing Exercise

Just-U-Fitness Does Pole Dance Class in Nebraska

Pole Unity w/ Drew
Image by allstarstages via Flickr

Found this fitness studio in Fremont, NE and they offer pole dancing classes for any of you that live in that area…

Here’s the article:

Three years ago, Jake and Brenda Sweet introduced their private fitness studio. Taking a leap of faith in an uncertain ma…

Pole Dancing For Beginners

ART PROS All Star Stages™

In the world of bloggers and dancers many put their two cents in when it comes to the art of pole dancing.

Getting into the art of pole dancing, physically, is different. Here Christina Angelacos at gives a little bit on Pole Dancing for beginners:

Always wondered what happens in a Pole Dancing class? The exercise helps to calm my brain in a different way…I’m stronger and more limber with every class. The relaxed, encouraging atmosphere gives me the freedom to connect with my inner woman. I can’t encourage enough women to attend these classes–They are wonderful! Read More…

Everyone knows someone who met on Now it’s your turn. Search Now!

My Pole Fitness Has fused fun with Ordinary exercise!

My Pole Fitness Studio, a premier Fitness & Pole
studio, announces its amazing fitness classes available to women all over Atlanta. With an extensive variety of classes from fun and challenging pole dance fitness, to chair vixens, hip-hop kickboxing, burlesque, booty beat, sexy abs, pole choreography, private pole dance parties & More!