Celebrities and Pole Dancing

Airbourne Music Video w/ Alethea Austin & All Star Stages

airbourne hard rock band album pic

The Australian hard rock group “Airbourne” and All Star Stages teamed up w/ IPDFC winner Alethea Austin to shoot the bands new music video during a 17 hour shoot last Wednesday.

Shot on an airplane, Austin, who’s a terrific pole dancer had to do the death lay on the ceiling of the airplane.

alethea austin death lay on airplane ceiling all star stages airbourne video shoot

The project was set to shoot last week sometime, until there were scheduling conflicts that arose when the volcano that erupted sent ash into the sky and the band could not get to Los Angeles cause of flights being canceled.

When all was said and done the production was off the hook, everyone is pleased and Alethea Austin had a chance to jump on the best portable pole dance apparatus ever created by All Star Stages™.

Unfortunately though, the production called for a shorter pole than All Star Stages prefers to send out, since the project took place in an airplane.
Below you can see Alethea in Action!

All Star Stages on the Maury Povich Show!

Maury (TV series)
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All Star Stages teamed up w/ the Maury Povich Show this last Friday for a pole dancing stint by one of guests from the show.

No no, not another DNA test, who’s your baby papa, now turned stripper. It was one of their “episodes” as producer for the show called it. It will be another installment of “From Geek to Sheik”.

Where some nerdy girl turned hot stuff comes back to prove it to another guest that made fun of them in earlier life.

The Maury Povich Show‘s producer, (name omitted), who’s been w/ the show for the last 12 years, stated that they have seen some extremely high ratings during recent times for their day time television program.

Final air date to be determined, but All Star Stages, whom rents the poles in New York City, delivered to the studios in Stanford, CT where the Maury Povich show as well as Jerry Springer and the Steve Wilkos show, all owned by the same media company all share the same stage.

As reported, the episode featured an African-American girl who had turned pole dancer and had a prosthetic leg. She performed shortly on the All Star Stages Portable Stripper Pole for the unknowing guest whom in the end did not recognize her.

Fast Forward the Video Below To 2:00m to See Amputee Pole Dancer

All Star Stages portable stripper poles are great for outdoor or indoor use and sport a stage top capable of holding up to 8 adults (6.5 sq. ft. larger than a square stage/pole).

With tough times and short cash–if you have to throw an event that’ll be the talk of the town–you may wanna consider renting this commercial pole dance apparatus to keep your guests as entertained as Maury’s.

Click Here for more on renting a stripper pole from All Star Stages™.

Uh Oh. That Girl Next Door Kendra is Teaching Pole Dancing in Vegas

Yikes. So Stripper 101 classes in Vegas are now we’re blessed with Kendra, a true ho, I mean pro, when it comes to pole dancing?

Kendra Wilkinson, Yah right.

Unless she wants to help promote All Star Stages Portable Pole Dance Apparatus, then I’m not going to give any love here.

Not that I want to be negative, but I feel that a celebrity gold digge, I mean, Z-List celeb, probably isn’t the greatest place to learn the art of Cirque and other acrobatics unless they’re going to tie in–lap dance: The art of a different type of pole dance.

You know, if you just take a ride (no pun intended) on over to this little place on the net call YouTube, try typing in “Pole Dance lessons” into the search bar.

There you may find plenty of people that know far more what they’re doing than our Playboy friend whom ultimately got fired.

I know I’m being negative, but oh well. Unless she’s a certified physical trainer (and she may as well be, I’d love to investigate the credentials though), then she most likely doesn’t have the slightest idea on what muscles one should stretch out before hopping on the vertical dance pole (I’m sure she’s a pro on the pole–just not that one).

Hey–for the $250 it’ll cost you to meet ‘n’ greet…maybe you should just reinvest that into a real class on the art of pole dance, not Stripper 101. You can get that for free at most Gentleman’s clubs.

Here’s a little article we found on just this, enjoy:

Las Vegas Weekly : – Pole dancing, according to Kendra Wilkinson

Ladies who sign up for V Theatre’s increasingly popular Stripper 101 classes offered March 28 will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the art of the pole dance from none other than Kendra Wilkinson of The Girls Next …

And now your FREE YouTube video on Pole Dancing–the real art–(and this GUY is awesome!):

Male Pole Dance at Pole Divas — Training clip # 2

Anyway to Convince Parents Pole Dance is Good Excercise?

Dance Girls MAIN Stripper Pole Rental Version 1
Image by allstarstages via Flickr

While shuffling around the internet I found a cute little relationship blog that I felt the need to comment on. The title of the post was “Can I convince my parents pole dancing is good exercise?”.

Great topic.

I couldn’t resist leaving a comment (which you may do so below as well), but rather than bore you w/ the simplistic comment that I made, I thought that I’d just elaborate a little.

First off; the United States is a couple of years behind Europe and the rest of the world that embraces pole dancing. You figure on t.v. commercials over there, they show nipple. Red light districts and strippers are everywhere. And weed too.

But we’re a little more up-tight in America and won’t put up w/ that.

Unfortunately though, pole dancing, which is derived from the stripper world, has the black market effect on society when it should be considered more of a black tie event on society.

There is a tremendous amount of upper body strength needed to pull off some of the moves you see these acrobatic artists do on the pole.

Will your parents buy it for the art of pole dance???

Currently, I don’t think so. There are too many PSA’s (public service announcements) and after-school specials, that somehow pole dancing gets mixed up w/ all that and receives negative attention.

When the news at night goes into uproar about Miley Cyrus gripping a stripper pole on stage at her latest concert and Lindsay Lohan using a stripper pole to hold herself up after a hard night of drinking… No wonder the media propaganda bulls**t that is delivered to the masses will have negative appeal attached to it.

What else do you see on the news??? Who was shot, who got be-headed today, why we should blow up that other country–etc.. etc…

Do you think that you’d ever hear anything good about pole dancing??

Course not.

Then along came the Olympics. Finally a more positive approach towards the art of pole dance….errrrrr……nope. The F’in media turned that one around on us too.

We blogged about pole dancing to the Olympics and everyone else did as well… Then the media started doing the stories–and for the record, pole dancing in the Olympics might turn out to be like Skateboarding in the Olympics. Yah, remember that?

Only time can tell though. I would assume that another couple of years and all the adult cry-babies out there thinking their little babies are going to grow up to be strippers–I have news for them:

Watch Oprah. She’s done 8 episodes on pole dancing for fitness.

And for all the studios out there: If you want to show the empowerment of women and the positive influence that pole dancing brings to the mental and physical world–maybe you should stop w/ the “Lap Dance” classes, as they don’t have anything to do with the art of pole dance.

Remember folks, the kiddies are watching.

…and here’s your pole dance trick video tip from those we luv at youtube:

How to Do Pole Dancing Leg Hook Moves : Reverse Roll Pole Dancing Double Hook Dismount

First Pole Dancing Commercial–For the Olympics

Pole Dance ART PROS Stripper Pole Rental
Image by allstarstages via Flickr

It has surfaced! The first Pole Dancing commercial has sprung from KT Coates, leader for a LONG TIME in the world of pole dance in the UK.

I love it–even though I believe pole dancing in the Olympics will be just about as popular as Skateboarding in the Olympics…

Unless you want to argue that the majority of those NOT over 65 that are watching the Olympics ARE Female, therefore the chances of getting onto the Olympic forefront are alot better since the powers-that-be don’t want to lose the feminine vote–unlike skateboarding.

Anyhow, KT Coates pushes the commercials and this guy’s funny blog picked it up:

Hit this Clip: Olympic Pole Dancing Commercial | Hail Mary Jane

KT Coates, a prominent pole dancer in England and director of Vertical Dance, is leading the Olympic push. After a great deal of feedback from the pole-dance community, many of us have decided that it’s about time pole fitness is …


…And now that your done w/ that–here’s you pole dancing video tip!

How to Do Pole Dancing Leg Hook Moves : Twist & Stand Pole Dancing Leg Hook Dismount