US Pole Dance Federation Competition is Back

The U.S. Pole Dance Federation, which started in 2008, is back again in NYC this year for another round of their pole dance competitions. I’ve heard good and bad–like the fact that last year no one heard about it and it was on a Wednesday in the middle of the day for 12 dancers. But […]

What to Do B4 and After Pole Dancing Class?

Pole dancing= Great. But what should you do to prepare before and after your pole dancing exercise?

Demi Moore Gives Daughter Pole Dancing Tips

Actress Demi Moore, whom has been shy in the past, is now giving her daughter Rumer pole dancing tips. Way to go!

HBO’s Entourage & All Star Stages Portable Dance Pole

HBO’s Entourage and All Star Stages portable stripper poles to shoot the Season 7 Promo in Hollywood.

How To Market Your Video Game: Use Pole Dancers and a Portable Stripper Pole

Use Pole Dancers and a Portable Stripper Pole (from All Star Stages) when you stage your next media blitz.

Celebrity Golf Tournament and Stripper Poles

All Star Stages arrives at Monarch Resort Golf Course Celebrity Golf Tournament to Assemble a Portable Stripper Pole on the 10th Hole.

Pole Dancing at the Olympics–Bloggers Paradise

I wrote about Pole Dancing at the Olympics last week and that sent a slew of bloggers to report on Pole Dancing at the Olympics and it continues as we start a new week. Here’s what I’ve collected

A Push For Pole Dancing at the Olympics

Image via Wikipedia Will you Pole Dancing make it to the Olympics? Pole dancing‘s bad rep as it’s been linked to the “stripper” underground world and hasn’t seen light–or been given credit in the U.S.–whom is years behind Europe in the Pole Dance world. Pole dancing shouldn’t have to have a bad rep and be […]