Entry Video of IPDFC 2009 Championship Winner

Image by allstarstages via Flickr A few people emailed and wanted to know if this was really the “audition” video of IPDFC 2009 Championship Winner Alethea Austin. We’re not sure. But one could say that based on the youtube comments–this probably was used as the audition bit. Nice and artistic, it’s definately worth the watch! […]

Pole Dancing Now Available At Yale!

Image via Wikipedia Hard to believe but there isn’t any pole dancing in New Haven–so says Becky Poplawski as she found out attending Yale her freshman year. So she created the first Pole Dancing Club at Yale. Now that’s some good stuff–Check it out here: Pole Dancing Club at Yale Related articles by Zemanta For […]

Learning the Pole Dance Stretch

Image by allstarstages via Flickr Always looking to add pole dancing moves to your repertoire? Looking to see if your doing the dance move the same as others or are you interested in getting into pole dance class for a little fitness relief? This should help a little. You’ll need to stretch before you can […]

All Star Stages on the Maury Povich Show!

Image via Wikipedia All Star Stages teamed up w/ the Maury Povich Show this last Friday for a pole dancing stint by one of guests from the show. No no, not another DNA test, who’s your baby papa, now turned stripper. It was one of their “episodes” as producer for the show called it. It […]

31 Free Pole Dance Instruction Videos & Tips – Thanx YouTube!

31 Free Pole Dance Instruction Videos, Tips & Tricks compiled from youtube. Haven’t made it to pole dancing class? Check It Out before you invest in a dance pole.

Get in Shape and Feel Great! With Pole Dancing Of Course…

Why Pole Dancing to Shed Pounds and Feel Great is GOOD FOR YOU! Just in case you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of years.

Pole Dancing Signatures for 2012 Olympics

Image via Wikipedia I’ve had enough with all the blogs that keep talking about pole dancing in the Olympics. And I’ve said my piece when comparing it to Skateboarding in the Olympics. I’ve also said my piece on the majority of those watching the Olympics w/ no aging ailments, would be women. Yep, I’ve been […]

Uh Oh. That Girl Next Door Kendra is Teaching Pole Dancing in Vegas

Yikes. So Stripper 101 classes in Vegas are now we’re blessed with Kendra, a true ho, I mean pro, when it comes to pole dancing? Kendra Wilkinson, Yah right. Unless she wants to help promote All Star Stages Portable Pole Dance Apparatus, then I’m not going to give any love here. Not that I want […]

Anyway to Convince Parents Pole Dance is Good Excercise?

The thought of convincing your parents pole dancing is good may be an uphill battle–especially if you live in the United States.