More and More Realize Pole Dancing IS Fitness

Image via Wikipedia You know the more and more I cruise the internet and read on all the blogs and websites wring out their two cents on the pole dancing industry, the more I’ve felt the need to make this post. You can quickly distinguish the newbie pole dancing blogs from the seasoned, the liberal […]

Strength/Training Excercises ~ Basic Pole Dance Maintenance

Image by allstarstages via Flickr Since a lot of people are slowly but surely getting into the pole dancing scene whether by watching through youtube or signing up for a local class; one thing that many tend to sweep into the closet is the basic strength training and maintenance exercise needed. Our friends over at […]

Pole Dancing For MEN

Image by allstarstages via Flickr More men these days are jumping up on the pole dancing wagon. Our friends over at Stripper Pole recently put out a list of the male pole dancers on youtube. Check that out HERE. Knowing the business of pole dancing and the amount of upper body strength that is […]

Miss USA 2010 was a Stripper Contestant Winner NOT a Pole Dance Champion

Hurray! Miss USA 2010 was an award winning pole dancer? Not quite folks. As many in the pole dancing world will tell you is that pole dancing is a hell of a lot different to stripping and/or strippers. Your girl, Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010 was NOT a pole dance champion. She was the CONTESTANT […]

Nerds CAN’T Pole Dance!

Image via Wikipedia Cambridge University now offering female only students pole dance classes! Nerds can’t Pole Dance According to various sources Cambridge University Union is now offering it’s female (and only female) students pole dancing lessons. A spokeswoman is quoted as saying “We are of the opinion that classes like these are a way of […]

Airbourne Music Video w/ Alethea Austin & All Star Stages

The Australian hard rock group “Airbourne” and All Star Stages teamed up w/ IPDFC winner Alethea Austin to shoot the bands new music video during a 17 hour shoot last Wednesday. Shot on an airplane, Austin, who’s a terrific pole dancer had to do the death lay on the ceiling of the airplane. The project […]

Internet Cat Does Pole Dance Routine (a kitty cat)

Image by allstarstages via Flickr Now talk about pole dancing–this feline really can work the pole! I wonder if this pole dancing kitty kat rented a portable stripper pole from All Star Stages™? You know all animals have been renting these portable pole dance apparatus’ in Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, and now in San Francisco! […]

Pole Dance Company Building Nintendo Wii STRIP Game

Image by allstarstages via Flickr Pole dancing company Peekaboo is in the works w/ Nintendo Wii to brush up on your pole dancing technique w/ a new game call Wii Strip. No need for those pole dance classes (wrong), and I don’t know how much we’ll believe this third rate pole dance equipment company, but […]

Top 5 Most Exotic Dance Schools in Singapore

Image by allstarstages via Flickr Just in case your heading to Singapore anytime soon and you want to brush up on your pole dancing skills, then here we have a list of the top 5 most exotic dance schools in all of Singapore. All of which have some pretty interesting names like “Juggle the Heat” […]