Airbourne Music Video w/ Alethea Austin & All Star Stages

airbourne hard rock band album pic

The Australian hard rock group “Airbourne” and All Star Stages teamed up w/ IPDFC winner Alethea Austin to shoot the bands new music video during a 17 hour shoot last Wednesday.

Shot on an airplane, Austin, who’s a terrific pole dancer had to do the death lay on the ceiling of the airplane.

alethea austin death lay on airplane ceiling all star stages airbourne video shoot

The project was set to shoot last week sometime, until there were scheduling conflicts that arose when the volcano that erupted sent ash into the sky and the band could not get to Los Angeles cause of flights being canceled.

When all was said and done the production was off the hook, everyone is pleased and Alethea Austin had a chance to jump on the best portable pole dance apparatus ever created by All Star Stages™.

Unfortunately though, the production called for a shorter pole than All Star Stages prefers to send out, since the project took place in an airplane.
Below you can see Alethea in Action!

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