All Star Stages – Based in Los Angeles, California

Commercial Grade Portable Dance Poles for Productions

All Star Stages offers production level commercial grade portable stripper poles for media production and professional events since 2006.

Based in Los Angeles and starting in Orange County, All Star Stages has designed commercial poles and staging for the film/television industry since day 1 with the first production headed up by the network FOX REALITY.

Since it’s debut, All Star Stages has appeared and been featured in numerous films, television programs, music videos, web features, social media influencer skits, YouTube Premium (previously YouTube Red) and a host of professional events including the Playboy Mansion, Record Release Parties, Premieres, BET Awards, Conferences & Expos, Pride Events, Fundraisers and Corporate Special Events.

Portable staging, steel deck, acrylic steel deck, catwalks, and lighting also available.

Portable octagon stages can be used alone w/out poles.  10×10′ octagon stage available.

Standard Production Industry Pricing.  Flat Rates Available.

Certified Event Coordinators must be able to produce a COI and/or permit (if applicable).

Rentals Available in Major US Cities

All Star Stages, as of 2019 offers production and event delivery to:

Los Angeles – Orange County

Miami -Dade

New York City Metro

Las Vegas – Henderson

Cleveland, OH through

If you’re in a surrounding area or just outside the standard delivery area, no problem, give call and ask if we can meet your needs at 800.983.6640

Inquire Now – call 800.983.6640

All Star Stages Double Trouble Portable Stripper Pole and Stage